Court Cases

  • Criminal Cases

Criminal cases are those that involve violations of the Criminal Laws of the State of West Virginia.
There are two types:

1.  Felony: Major crimes such as murder, robbery, embezzlement, and 3rd offense DUI

            2.  Misdemeanors: Minors crimes such as 1st and 2nd offense DUI, speeding and lesser forms of major crimes. 

  • Civil Cases

Civil cases are all situations involving individuals suing each other. It can be over car wrecks, property boundaries, etc.


  • Domestic Cases

Domestic cases normally refer to those dealing with family matters, divorce, paternity, and support.


  • Juvenile Cases

There are two types:

1.  JD = Involves anyone under the age of 18 who commits a crime that is for an adult would be a felony or                misdemeanor, or is a status offense, i.e. skipping school

2.  JA = Involves situations of abuse of children


  • Civil Appeals

Civil appeals are cases that have been heard in lower courts that the individual involved is not satisfied with the results and appeals the decision to a higher court.


  • Adoption Cases

Adoptions cases deal with adoptions of infants and children.


  • Guardian and Conservator

These cases are situations of individuals who must have other care of their welfare.